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  • The QWERTY Keyboard Sham: Taking Inefficiency to New Heights

    From MTWorld article by Christopher Dunn Did you ever wonder how the ubiquitous qwerty keyboard configuration came into being?  For…

  • HHS Secretary Sebelius Confirms ICD-10 Deadline to be Postponed

    From February 17th article posted on HealthLeaders Media Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius said Thursday that the federal…

  • Must Have Reference Books for Medical Transcriptionist

    Medical Transcriptionist are medical language specialists. The bulk of the transcription work in this country is performed by home-based professionals.…

  • Dictation Technology

    Excerpted from an article by Sean Anderson which first appeared on October 17, 2010 : As time goes by,…

  • Medical Terminology Crucial for Medical Transcriptionist Career

    Medical terminology is the basis of all medical careers. If you want to start a medical transcription career, you need…