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    Mobile health apps are slowly revolutionizing patient care, but occasionally the revolution takes a left turn into lunacy and feeds…

  • Struck by Turtle: Anticipating a New Healthcare-Billing System

    From article on by Richard Gunderman dated Sep 30 2013 T minus 12 months and counting until physicians and…

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    Check it out and find out the difference between professional vs. consumer digital voice recorders.

  • Maintain Control – Step on it.

    A foot pedal is a tool most often used by transcriptionists who transcribe dictation. It usually resides under the desk,…

  • Philips LFH0955 Conference Kit now includes free transcription software

    In 2008, Philips surprised us with a high quality, portable digital conference recording system. The 955 has a special recorder…

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    Whether you dictate 12 hours a day or 12 minutes a week, a digital voice recorder is a great way…