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  • The well-known secret about EMRs

    The majority of physicians strongly dislike using EMR systems. They are not interested in typing, selecting options from a drop…

  • Atom/Fusion Voice Transcription Routing

    Routing jobs for transcription in a clinical setting or transcription service business is generally seen as an onerous and time…

  • Cassette tapes, oh where have you gone?

    The days of cassette dictation and transcription machines are nearly behind us. For years, digital dictation has been slowly and…

  • Happy New Decade & Holidays! <3

    I just wanted to take this chance to post my final blog of this decade with style! I wanted to…

  • Dictation & Transcription: A look at the old & the new!

    By: Matt LaMond There are virtually 100’s of different solutions you can use for dictation and transcription. For those of…