15 Accessories All Transcriptionists Need to Upgrade their Workspace

15 Accessories All Transcriptionists Need to Upgrade their Workspace
August 31, 2023 Rachel Tirabassi

Just starting in transcription? Or are you a seasoned professional looking to upgrade your old work setup? We got you covered. Check out these 15 must have items that will improve the way you work.

1. Caliber Transcription Headset by Insight Headsets from TranscriptionGear.com, $24.99

Every experienced transcriptionist can testify for the importance of a high quality headset. The Caliber’s crystal clear audio saves time by hearing the voice correctly the first time, eliminating playbacks. We highly recommend equipping yourself with our affordable, popular Caliber Headset. Improve your workday for just $24.99!

2. Ergonomic Office Chair with Adjustable Headrest, 2D Armrest, Lumbar Support, and Wheels, $189.99

Transcriptionists and anyone who else works 8+ hours at a desk should have a good chair. We like this one from Amazon! It has an adjustable arm AND head rest!

3. Everlasting Comfort – The Original Seat Cushion, $39.00


Not ready to invest in an entire new chair? Upgrade your current chair with this seat cushion from Amazon! The best part about this pad is that it’s not limited to your office seat. Sit comfortably in the car, on a plane, and at a stadium!


4. USB Foot Pedal, $56.95

USB Foot Pedal

Work faster and more accurately by using your foot to start and pause the playback of audio files. The ergonomic design was developed by closely studying transcriptionists’ movements. No need to lift your foot, slightly pressing with the foot tip is enough. Both of your hands are always free for typing, allowing you to transcribe efficiently even over an extended time period.


5. Mr. Coffee Mug Warmer on Amazon, $18.41

 While you’re typing, you tend to tune out the world and that warm cup of coffee you poured an hour ago quickly becomes an iced coffee. Stop wasting K-cups or brewing another pot! This Mr. Coffee Mug Warmer keeps your drink hot until the last drop! This will be your new favorite gadget.


6. Fun Transcriptionist Mug, $14.96

What’s better than coffee and a fun mug? …Not much. Drink your favorite hot drink in style!


7. Boostaroo Headset Audio Amplifier (2x), $26.50

The Boostaroo is a portable audio amplifier that will double the volume level of headsets and other audio players without distorting the sound. A great secret weapon for that low volume, distorted audio.

8. Logitech K350 Wave Ergonomic Keyboard with Unifying Wireless Technology, $34.99

Another transcriptionist must-have: A GOOD KEYBOARD! This one from Logitech has over 4.5 stars and 26,000 reviews. One reviewer with carpal tunnel wrote ,”I have carpal tunnel in both wrists. I got on physician recommendation to keep from having surgery right now. I type for my job 97% of it. I needed a keyboard that was ergonomically fit than the standard ones that are supplied by the company which was strained my wrist and causing me pain by the time I got off. Now when I leave work my wrist are not fatigued nor are they in pain like they would normally be if I had to utilize the regular keyboard. This was best investment I ever made I will be purchasing another one for the new computer I’m getting for home use.” Make your health a priority starting with this keyboard!

9. Adjustable Ergonomic Keyboard Mouse Tray, $123.83


The Coytech has a lot of great features: 5.9 inches of height adjustment, a left/right-hand mouse tray, and wrist rest. It’s a little pricier but you get what you pay for. The Coytech is perfect for improving posture and preventing back pain.

10. Desk Organizer, $51.89

It doesn’t take much for your desk to get cluttered. Especially if you work from home and have an endless amount home full of stuff. Getting a desk organizer can help unclutter your life so you can focus on the important stuff– work.

11. Headset Cord Extender with Volume Control and Stereo to Mono Switch, $3.95

Headset Cord Extender with Volume Control and Stereo to Mono Switch

The INS-CORDEXT cord extender conveniently extends your headset by another 5 feet. It also adds in-line volume control allowing easy volume adjustments.

12. Aroma Essential Oil Cool Mist Humidifier with Adjustable Mist Mode, $15.99

The benefits of essential oils go on and on. For example, lavender can help relieve stress, treat depression, reduce inflammation and act as a natural decongestant. Something like the soothing aroma of essential oils can make a big impact on your day!

13. GearCount Bulk Line Counting Utility Software, $49.95

GearCount Bulk Line Counting Utility Software

It’s never been this easy to get line counts and invoice your clients. Using GearCount, simply create a document rule telling GearCount how you want it to count your document – easily add additional counts for hard carriage returns, bold, italics and underlined characters, punctuation, tabs, capitals and so much more. GearCount keeps your billing preferences separate for each client by using document and rule counting templates.

14. To Do List Pad, $8.49

Feeling overwhelmed? Get organized with a daily planner! Nothing feels more rewarding than checking things off a list. We like this one from Amazon!

15. Wearable Blanket Hoodie for Adults, $39.99

Finally, the best for last. A cat hoodie blanket. Also available in a dog print and other fun patterns. A huge perk of working at home is wearing whatever you want. So get cozy and type away! This is definitely a treat yourself purchase.